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Support For Providers

Dear Friends,

Just want to say ‘Hello!’ Hope all is going well with you, your family and your child care business. As caregivers, we meet each day (every morning) with huge expectations. Every day is a brand new opportunity to spend time with the children, give them some fun opportunities, help them learn and grow, and more importantly let them know that someone thinks they are wonderful. Oh my! I love the challenges! Some days are easy and other days are just plain hard.

We need inspiration and support every day. It is my hope that JCCCA can be the kind of support system we need. I know, personally, the friendships I have from JCCCA have meant so much to me. I know that I can call a number of people for advice, mentoring or just for a good strong ear that will listen. The wonderful thing about support groups is that the people in the group all “get” what you are going through. They “understand” better than anyone else.

We never want JCCCA to feel like a competitive arena. We are supporters. I have said it many times through the years to you… Each one of us has a lot to share with each other! We have wonderful training meetings, business meetings, resources and food. BUT… Isn’t the best part about our monthly gatherings the chance to talk to the other providers? We can gain so much information, bounce ideas around, share problems we are having, gain insight into our business and so much more! I can guarantee you that whatever is on your mind…there is someone that has experienced the very same thing or something very similar. The camaraderie is just about as good as it gets!

Our logo…”Together We Soar” has everything to do with us working together and supporting each other. As we take on issues, add new segments to our programs, work toward goals…They are better accomplished with the support of our group. We have always had a strong group of providers, a strong active Board, and we have accomplished a lot in the last 20 years. We have jumped through lots of hoops. We have been instrumental in facilitating legislation, and mentoring and training providers with the tools they need for success. And…we have had lots of fun doing it!

Please let us know when you have concerns. Our Board is really good at making wonderful decisions and figuring out solutions. You may want to be part of that. Just let me know if you want to serve in any way. We are open to new ideas that you may have. We are always interested in signing up new members, too. If you know a provider that is not a member, please invite them to visit a meeting. If you know unlicensed providers, encourage them as well to become licensed. There are so many advantages to being licensed and being a part of our professional organization! Take care!

Burn brightly but Don’t Burn Out!

Marilyn Dean, JCCCA President

You can find contact information for all the board members on the Contact Us page.

Child Care Innovations Provider Support Line

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