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Colorado Shines

What is Colorado Shines?
Colorado Shines QRIS is a method to assess, enhance and communicate the level of quality in early education and care for all licensed providers in Colorado. This system provides standardized criteria for all child care providers in Colorado to be rated for quality, and provides incentives and supports to providers that wish to raise the level of quality care available at their facility.

Licensed child care programs serving children prior to kindergarten entry will be required to participate in the Colorado Shines system that will rate the quality of care they provide. All licensed programs will have the opportunity to market their business on the Colorado Shines website.

Colorado Shines is a blocks and points system. Levels 1 and 2 are “building blocks” tiers with movement to the next level based on completion of identified activities and standards. To reach Level 1, programs/providers will need to be in compliance with licensing standards. To reach Level 2, programs/providers will show they have established other aspects of care and education to promote positive experiences. To receive a Level 2 designation, all indicators within this level must be met. Designations for Levels 3, 4, and 5 will be determined by cumulative points plus a minimum number of points in each of the standard areas.

Colorado Shines QRIS WILL:
• Embed quality ratings in the licensing process, providing a method to assess, enhance and communicate quality as a critical component of licensed child care;
• Incentivize programs to strive for higher quality ratings; and
• Improve outcomes for all Colorado children by increasing access to quality education and care.

Colorado Shines QRIS WILL NOT:
• Threaten the licensing of those facilities already licensed; or
• Require providers to adjust their educational philosophy.
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QRIS Walk Through -Electronic FCC [166663]

For more information or Technical Assistance Contact Melinda Kurgan 303-914-6802