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Families looking for childcare can find child care providers in their zip code area. There is a description about each provider and their child care program. 

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Jefferson County Child Care Association provides a FREE referral service to parents…

Our association has many functions one of which is to provide you with licensed childcare homes in your area. We serve all of Jefferson County and can provide in home child care options for your childcare needs within the county.

If you are a childcare provider in Jefferson County and would like more information in becoming a member of our association click on “I’m a Provider”. This will provide you with the benefits of becoming a member of our association, including eReferral – a service to make you more accessible to families searching for child care.

JCCCA can assist you in finding a licensed family childcare home.  Due to the large area we service, we have assigned Referral Providers to specific zip codes to assist you in finding a provider.  Referral providers may also assist you in answering any questions you may have and give you helpful hints when interviewing a prospective child care provider.  Please remember our service provides referrals only.  No recommendations are given.  Parents have the responsibility to interview with and inspect the caregivers and the home. 

Find a Referral Provider    eReferral – Find a Provider in your desired zip code

Disclaimer: ****JCCCA does not assume responsibility for any fact or opinion given within nor does acceptance of any advertising, paid or complimentary, imply endorsement for any products or services by JCCCA.